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Fashion With A Purpose

Street fashion that speaks, supports and stands for those who cannot.

Inspiring Today's Youth, =ITY pronounced equality is a non-profit society that was created by Jessica Bowden M.S.M., the founder and publisher of the social enterprise Teens Now Talk (TNT) Magazine. The print and online publication is a seven-time award winning, Halifax based, quarterly magazine written by teens for teens. It's a powerful resource used in classrooms by educators throughout Canada and United States.

Through her work with Teens Now Talk, it became apparent to Jessica there was a need to create opportunities for youth where it didn't exist. Teens Now Talk provides youth with a voice, face-to-face connections and hands-on entrepreneurial experience. They work to inspire and empower youth with the confidence to achieve and the mindset to succeed.

If U Cannot C It, U Cannot B It!

The purpose of =ITY is to inspire, motivate and empower today's youth by working with them on a personal level to realize their own potential and find opportunities to achieve success. "Everyone tells youth that they can succeed, =ITY shows them how," says Jessica.

Teens Now Talk bridges the gap between educational curriculum and real-world experience. Youth are often told they can succeed, but if you cannot see it, you cannot be it. We connect our youth with resources and partners who look like them and are not normally accessible to youth.

We place youth in front of diverse professionals they can inspire to be such as; doctors, engineers, judges, lawyers, physicists, environmental and atmospheric scientists, Yes, we placed them in front President Barack Obama.

Through this process, we promote and encourage youth development, changing their mindset from “I can't” to “I can.” They can then dream big and turn their dreams into reality.

Together, we will unlock the gates blocking success, allowing the youth personal power to grow, along with their potential to know their worth, know their values, dare to dream, create and become leaders.